Good News Unlimited

Word Spreads Fast

Good News Unlimited was born from the desire of like-minded Christians to enjoy fellowship based on Biblical principles, free from the politics and constraints of more formal religions. A non-profit ministry, it was originally established in California in 1980, but quickly spread through an informal network, producing regular taped sermons and a magazine, and sponsoring regular speaking seminars by Desmond Ford in various countries.

Good News Unlimited established a daily and weekly radio program which ran for more than twenty years. It also sponsored a TV program on health and preventative medicine, called ‘Worth More Than a Million’ for more than ten years.

Good News Unlimited’s reach now extends from the United States of America and Canada to Australia and New Zealand, with listeners and participants across the globe. As well as its ‘core mission’ of sharing the assurance of salvation to everyone, GNU works to promote a full life in the present, including the principle of ‘whole health’ of mind and body.

Good News Unlimited is a platform for the ongoing ministry of Desmond Ford in the form of his sermons, books, articles and online discussions. It also offers practical advice on the principles of healthy living for a ‘whole’ experience of vibrant Christian living through Good News Food Ministries. For more remote participants, GNU offers a community of like-minded Christians who can participate in fellowship through the Good News Church Online and the latest venture, the Good News School, an educational initiative that offers the opportunity to participate in online courses studying with experts in the field of religion and Biblical studies.



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